1. What do you find challenging about coding?

Learning about routes and controllers are harder for to understand. Right now it’s hard for me navigate the folders. I know it’s a good way to organize our code. I’m willing to learn more about controllers and SQL.

2. Talk about a project that disappointed you. What would you change?

In the past, I’ve ran into being stuck on a project. I wasn’t able to further educate myself or solve the problem. It taught me a lesson. I should of reached for more help and figure out all of my resources. I was so focused on one thing is to make it perfect and solve the problem. At the end it was about learning.

3. List three key things to consider when coding with SEO in mind.

On-site Optimization

is all about the content, structure, and layout of your site. Google and other search engines crawl your site to get an understanding of what it’s about (and how authoritative it is), so the information it finds on your website can have a big impact in how it ranks pages on your site for relevant search queries.

Ongoing Quality Content

Continue to produce for the life of your brand, which forms your content strategy. Usually relegated to a blog or newsfeed, this serves a variety of functions for your brand — not just an SEO benefit. Your content shows off your expertise, helping users trust you, and gives you a platform for conversion by including calls to action at the end of your pieces. It can also serve as fuel for your social media or email marketing campaigns.

Off-site Authority Building

The biggest tools Google uses to evaluate this “authoritativeness” are inbound links from such external sources. The more inbound links you have pointing to your site from high-authority sources, the better your perceived authority, and the higher your website will rank in search engines. However, any links deemed irrelevant, spammy, or unnatural could earn you a penalty rather than a boost — so be careful how and where you acquire your inbound links.

4. List five or more ways you could optimize a website to be as efficient and scalable as possible.

1. Mobile-First

2. Technical SEO

3. Core Web Vitals

4. User Intent

5. Content Marketing

6. Schema

7. User Experience

8. Link Building