Blog 303 — JS 311

  • When writing Node.js applications, ending up with hundreds or even thousands of dependencies can easily happen.
    For example, if you depend on Express, you depend on 27 other modules directly, and of course on those dependencies’ as well, so manually checking all of them is not an option!
  • The only option is to automate the update / security audit of your dependencies. For that there are free and paid options:
  • 1. npm outdated
    2. Trace by RisingStack
    3. NSP
    4. GreenKeeper
    5. Snyk
  • CHAR is fixed length while VARCHAR is variable length. That means, a CHAR(x) string has exactly x characters in length, including spaces. A VARCHAR(x) string can have up to x characters and it cuts off trailing spaces, thus might be shorter than the declared length.


setTimeout(function() { console.log(“second”);

}, 0); console.log(“third”);

// Output: // first // third // second




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