First Week of JavaScript Class

I learned about JS conditions. The else…if statements will determine which condition to pass on true or false. Our instructor set couple of conditional test and the students had to determine how to write the syntax. While using the condition operator to determine what is true and false. The word else would only run if the condition is not true.

2. What is the difference between == and === ?

== is used to compare two variables, return true if two operands are equal and it will return false if the operands are not equal.

===compare two variables and the operator also checks datatype and compares two values. It returns true only if both values and data types are the same for the two variables.

3. What is the value of foo? var foo = 10 + '20';

Its ‘1020’ because of it’s string concat operation.

4. Describe what a terminal application is.

It’s a operating system that is used to create folders in finder. We can input commands to the terminal to access the computer directory. We use the terminal to push repositories in github.

5. What is the ternary operator?

It take 3 operands: a condition followed by a question mark (?), then an expression to execute if the condition is truth followed by a colon (:), and finally the expression to execute if the condition is false. This operator is frequently used as a shortcut for the if statement.

6. What are some ways to ensure that your website design or web application is accessible and user-friendly?

You can make sure the url is correct. Have the navigation clear and point user to the right direction. The web layout is readable. Make sure there’s no broken codes on the website. It’s also compatible with mobile/tablet users. Used good color schemes.

7. What are your favorite features of HTML5, and how have you implemented them in your front-end development projects?

I like using the video features. Developers can easily upload and stream videos from the website. You can add width and height of the video and hit play and pause. You can also use different headers and footers in a div.

8. How do you structure your CSS and JavaScript to make it easier for other developers to work with?

Write clear CSS codes. Follow the steps and make sure you have the correct section names that fit the content to your code. Code organization. Creating shorter codes can help.

9. What’s your process for addressing browser-specific rendering problems? Do you find that a certain browser is more challenging to work with than others?

You can always run a browser compatibility test. Depends on what type of computer you have. Make sure the browser matches the computer software. I used chrome on my Macbook. I know internet explorer and safari is not as efficient for my file downloads. I believe firefox and Internet explorer are the most challenging to work with because I don’t use them most of the time.




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