Flexbox, CSS Grid and More

  1. Describe one thing you learned in class today.

We learn how to use flexbox. We use flexbox to set one-dimensional layout model. This method can also give spacing and structure to any webpage. It also has the alignment capability to set rows and columns. CSS grid can set two-dimensional layout. This is good for authors to align elements into columns and rows. It can set each elements to overlap and layer.

2. Describe your choice of 2 pseudo-selectors and discuss what they are used for.

I pick :hover and : last-child. These are the two pseudo-selectors we use the most. :hover is when hen the mouse cursor rolls over a link, that link is in it’s hover state and this will select it. :last-child selects the first element within a parent. Ex.) li:first-child (select and style the first <li> element in lists).

  1. What are some of the “gotchas” for writing efficient CSS?

I created two landing pages for school by now. So far I notice it’s very important to section each selectors. It’s easy to read and organized. You also want to make sure each CSS selectors are case sensitive, so they can match element name and attribute values exactly. Declaration are made up of two parts: the properties of the element that you want to change, and the values of those properties.

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